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Building your own drill holsters

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always considered myself an organized person, and I’ve always liked having a place for every one of my tools. And, because saving space is something that I’m always interested in, the project I am going to talk to you today has been one of my favorite work on.

Cordless or not, drills are one of the tools any craftsman uses on a regular basis. However, storing this kind of equipment is not always so easy, as they are quite bulky and sometimes require quite a lot of space. Because I have personally struggled with this issue, I have recently stumbled upon a new DIY project that can fix this problem once and for all. So, today I have decided to talk to you about how easy you can build your own drill holsters. Thus, following these directions, you will be able to create a perfect storage room that is easily accessible above your workbench.


At first, you have to gather up the needed materials. To make this project a reality, you have to purchase a 3-inch PVC pipe. Then, you have to cut it into sections that measure 8-inch in length. Ideally, the section where the tool will fit into should have about 1 1/2 inches across and 5 inches from the end. To craft this rightly, I suggest you use a spade to cut the rounded part and then make use of a jigsaw for the side. By doing so, you will not risk making the dolt to wide or too narrow.


To finish off with the holsters, you now have to polish the edges so that you tools don’t get scratched. Then, before fixing them, make the needed measurements. Be careful and don’t forget to leave additional space in case you want to leave bits in the drills. Place the holsters to the lower side of your shelf and make sure they fit. Next, you have to secure them with screw bolts. Once you’ve done this, your project is completed, and you can set your equipment in the new holsters.

Because it is so practical, I believe that this DIY is a must, especially if you lack a lot of space in your workshop. Moreover, by making the holsters by yourself, you will not only enjoy spending time constructing something, but also you will end up with a very reliable and crafty shelf.


Well, that’s all for today, I hope you will follow my suggestions and build your own drill holsters. Once again, if you have any other ideas about how to save space in small workshops, don’t forget to let me know as I am always up for a new project!




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