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How to winterize your drafty windows

Even though this article could have been more helpful if I had started updating my blog back in October or November, perhaps it’ll be a useful resource for the future. Drafty windows are a pain and they have to be dealt with properly unless you like having issues with your sinuses, your breathing, in general, and with your respiratory health all throughout winter. There are several ways to deal with the problem and I’m going to tell you all about them.

Caulking is the first method that I myself have used in the past and have found to be rather efficient. You can start by cleaning the dust and dirt with the help of a scrub brush that you’ve dipped in soapy and warm water. You can either let the surfaces to dry on their own or use a cloth. Exterior-grade caulk needs to be utilized for this project as it can put up with the abuse of the elements. A 100% silicone sealant can prove to be quite efficient and can even remain flexible and in the right place for years and years to come. Plus, most of these sealants are rather budget-friendly so you won’t have to break your piggy bank if you choose this method.


Weatherstripping is another alternative and from what I have gathered, most people prefer five main styles; adhesive-backed foam, tubular rubber-gasket, spring V-seal, felt, and window insulation kits. Of all of these, I personally recommend window insulation kits. Like the sealants I was mentioning above, these kids aren’t necessarily expensive and the neat thing about them is that they come with a type of plastic that sticks to the window casing when you use a blow dryer to seal it. Nothing can be easier than that, in my opinion.

Another piece of advice that I would like to give you is that you should try to do your best at testing your windows once you believe that you’ve wrapped up the whole process. Winterizing your windows may appear a simple thing, but the fact of the matter is that you might accidentally leave a spot behind. It’s certainly difficult to deal with the situation once the cold weather has settled in so I recommend checking for any mistakes on the same day you’ve winterized your windows.


Dodging the drafts can be done with the doors in your home, as well. All you need to do is place a bath towel or any other material that you can do without at the door or right against it. Any type of fabric can be used for this, whether you decide to go for a tie or make some sort of a DIY snake that you might want to fill with kitty litter or sand.




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